Revealthe Mysterious

A Life-size Photographic Interactive Installation

Oct 19-26, 2009
Fine Arts Building, Indiana University Bloomington

Artist Statement

When I wander in the fine art building, most of the doors are always close, which makes the inner space very mysterious.
In this project, I try to break the dividing wall and reveal the secret inner world to the viewers. By recreating it on the hallway using the photographic approach, when the viewers walk by, they can see the inside which they may have never seen before.
This is an interactive installation. It grows with the viewers’ manipulation on the original artwork. Traditionally, in the gallery system, the artist is the only author of an artwork. However, this piece is created by the artist, but the spectators also become the authors, because of their participation. The artist is the starter and can’t control how it goes.
Something interesting is that one viewer wrote“R.MUTT” on the center urinal, which directly refers to Marchel Duchamp’s Fountain (1917), the first example of conceptional art.

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